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Welcome to "A Logical Dive", a game made for the Cyberpunk Gamejam 2014.

Help Tyrell and Pops dive into an architectural maze and hack security cameras and computers. Find the best routes, beat your times and get to the end of a thrilling story!


<Arrows> : Navigate in menu / Move Tyrell / Move cursor in Hacking Terminal
<Z>: Confirm in menu / Advance in dialog / Jump / Commit Hacking Terminal / Fast forward intro
<A>: Enter Hacking Terminal when camera or computer selected
<P>:  Pause the game / Skip dialog / Abort Hacking

Hacking Terminal

I realize the Hacking Terminal may not be as clear as I intended so let me explain it better.

The four dots on the right (let's call them Exit points) are what you're trying to obtain. They can be ON (circle is full) or OFF (circle is empty). The combination that you have to obtain will change for every camera or computer. For instance, in the tutorial, you have to obtain this:

Now on the left, the four Entry points is what you have control on. You can set each entry point ON or OFF. In the example of the tutorial, let's see the first two Entry points. 

As you can see on the reminder, the triangle is a NOT door, that means the output is the contrary of its input. That means that 1st and 2nd entry point must be OFF so that the first exit point is ON and the second is OFF (two consecutive NOT doors generate the same output as the input). So we don't change anything!

Here are the 3rd and 4th exit points:

You can see that the square is a AND door, that means that if its output is ON, both its inputs must be ON, that means that I must turn ON the 3rd and 4th entry.

So here's how the solution looks. 

Just press <Z> and voilà!

Now remember, triangle is a NOT door, square is a AND door, circle is a OR door and diamond is a XOR door. An other useful tip: it's always better to try to deduce the inputs of a door given its output.


The three difficulty levels only affects the Hacking Terminal:

  • Easy: The exit pattern is always the same + You get as many tries as needed
  • Medium: The exit pattern is random + You get as many tries as needed
  • Hard: The exit pattern is random + You only get one attempt


  • Play the first time in Easy mode, so that you know exactly every Hacking solution after having found it once
  • Restarting a level will leave the computers and cameras hacked, as long as it doesn't prevent you from completing a level (best times are only taken in account if you complete a level without restarting)
  • The Hacking Terminal reads from left to right: find the correct entry combination to generate the exit pattern after passing through all the logical doors (NOT, AND, OR, XOR): you select an entry with <Up> or <Down>, change is value (On/Off) with <Left> or <Right> and when you think you've got it right, press <Z>. You'll be prompted if it's a SUCCESS or if you've FAILED.
  • Jumping while entering an ascending air stream will get you higher (I mean, you'll jump higher...)
  • If you're lost or stuck, just pause the game and restart the level
  • You can skip the intro by pressing <P>


The game resolution is 960x540 but you can also play it Fullscreen by right clicking on the game and selecting "Go Fullscreen" (exit by pressing Escape).

If you're facing low frame rate, try turning off the Blur and/or Fog effect in the Options.

Final world

I hope you enjoy playing "A Logical Dive" and you'll get to the end of the story. Although I've tested it quite thoroughly, there may remain some small bugs. If you encounter any problem, please tell me!

And if you have any question or comment, don't hesitate: @oddlyshapedpxls

You can also visit my blog (a bit empty, I concede): Oddly Shaped Pixels' blog

Thank's for playing!