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Awe is a gaming experience made for the Ludum Dare #30.

"Private" lets you practice the concept of the game offline.

"Connect" will make you the host or the guest of a planet and you'll be playing with a random other player (if someone is available).


Use your mouse to click on the planet and find the patterns of colors to create trees, clouds, mountains. Each newly spawned objects will give you a new color to click onto.

Click outside the planet to reset the ongoing pattern.

When you click on a color, its position on the yet-to-find patterns is shown to you by rotating the small white triangles.

Press "R" to restart the game.


Please, feel free to comment or to rate (if you've participated in the LudumDare) the game by clicking here.


There's a known bug between Google Chrome and Unity Web Player that forces you to switch tab or to resize the window in order to be able to click inside the game.

For Oddly Shaped Pixels, all credits to R3nD (the cats didn't really help on this one)

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AuthorOddly Shaped Pixels