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<Left click> : Build machine / Sell currently selected machine

<Mouse wheel> : Browse machine types (play Post Compo version if you don't have a mouse wheel)

<R> : Restart

Digable Planet was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 29!

You're the only one that can save Mankind's fate. Find the artefact buried deep beneath the surface of the planet and be a true hero!

The Galactic Governor has spoken: you're Mankind's only hope! Find the artefact buried deep beneath the surface of this unstable planet to give Mankind a chance for a brighter future! 

Hint: There are several artefacts buried on the planet but only one will save Mankind's future!

To achieve your mission, you'll have to manage your resources (iron and gold) in order to build machines that will help you find the artefact:
- a Digger: allows you to drill and pick up resources. Careful, you don't want to drill the planet core!
- a Radar: it will give you a pretty good view of what lies beneath the surface
- a Cooler: if the planet core becomes out of control, coolers help it maintaining a reasonable size
- a Tower: as you'll see, you're not welcome by the planet natives. A tower will help you eliminate those who to dare attack your machines!


The game only plays with the mouse:
<Left click> : Build a machine or Sell the current selected machine 

<Mouse wheel> : Browse the 4 different machines

<R> : Restart