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This game was made for the #lowrezjam.

Some dragon talked shit bout your moms... Now it's payback time! Fight your way through deadly flies, crazy shooting mages, explosive bumping red things and not-that-bright golems to go and shut that fool's mouth.


  • Crates will give you sweet guns but with limited ammos.
  • Shooting a crate will make it explode.
  • Picking up a crate while strapped with a sweet gun will replenish ammos.
  • You can't get hit while jumping so, jump around!
  • If you get hit, you're invincible and deal damage during 2 seconds, use it wisely!


WASD : Move

Space/RMB : Jump

Arrows/LMB+Mouse : Shoot

R : Restart

M : Mute

Esc : Skip intro


Guns/Beats/Dragons: R3nD

Playtest: Paula

Font: Pixel Art Magazine (@PixelArtM)

Sounds: Bfxr.net / Freesounds.org