A short narrative experience about a 1997 calendar, Alice's...

This small experimental narrative experience was made under 7 hours as a personal game and narrative design challenge. Hope you enjoy!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorOddly Shaped Pixels
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsLGBT, Narrative, Pixel Art, Story Rich


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this was beautiful


Very emotional and powerful. It reminds me the prologue of Firewatch, and the way your choices had meaning going forward into the story. I think your game it's a very smart way to tell a story and leave the player to construct their own meaning of what happend. 

That was entirely lovely, and genuinely rewards second and third playthroughs, although the implication of those untorn pages is heartrending.

Thank's for your kind comment


Oh, that was really beautiful. 
The story is good and engaging, but it's the interaction that really appeals to me... the way pages resit being pulled off, just a bit; the tone which plays every time you do;  and the way it floats down out of view, really great. The pacing also is spot on, there are just enough empty days to let anticipation build and to give the feel of real time ready to pass. Fantastic work.

Thank's a lot for your heartwarming comment, I'm super glad you like it that much!


probably the most profound story I've experienced in in 5 minutes. Seriously this is so cool. Really takes you into some else's life and leaves you wanting to know more, in the best of ways

Thank's a lot, I couldn’t have read a more uplifting comment :)




well that made me want to cry