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i was playing and then the puck either got stuck behind the net or dissapeared and everyone just sat there which made me lose the game still tho on rating 9/10

I'm a fan of hockey games. This is simple, but very competitive, in particular with friends. At the moment should it possible to extend 90 seconds of match?

Sorry, I totally missed your comment.

I'm glad to see you enjoyed the game. I'll try and release the full version in the next couple of days. It was supposed to be a larger scale project but since it got cancelled, there's no need for a "demo" version anymore.

I'll keep you posted once it's done.

Thank you very mutch. I've just downloaded your game!!

It's done, enjoy the full version!

Made a video

Pretty cool game! with a few add-in could become a great game! Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest ? Check out our page for more info :) 

Hey, thank's! I don't know if the game is worth participating yet but I should definitely be considering it in a near feature.

None of the developers that have done well in the GDWC have expected their games to do well, so I understand that sentiment. Looking forward to seeing how the game will look in the future.

i think you should fully finish the game. if you make the whole tournament thing you should make a celebration at the end of each game. add fighting if you can. maybe a variety of rinks. 


Thanks for the comment, indeed, other rinks could be nice addition!