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An isolated scientific outpost, a team gone missing, a race against the clock to save the sole survivor...

Signal is an adventure game inspired by the work of Evgenia Arbugaeva, Yulia Grigoryants and Simon Stålenhag.


"... a very well crafted little adventure that does a great job of telling its story... Highly recommended." Alpha Beta Gamer

"...a great science fiction tale... a game like you’ve not played before, with a pleasing mystery to untangle, delivered in a very smart fashion..." Buried Treasure


Left mouse click: Select/Interact

Left mouse long press: Select and spend time

Right mouse + Drag: Rotate camera

Mouse wheel: Zoom in/out

Esc: Menu

F1: Take screenshot (without UI)


RenD: Concept, Game Design, 2D/3D Art, Programming, Narrative Design, Writing, Music, Sound Design

Sarah Beaulieu: Narrative Design

Ivy Dupler: Voice Acting (Emilia)

Ben Britton: Voice Acting (Ganz, Tray)

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
AuthorOddly Shaped Pixels
TagsMystery, Point & Click, Sci-fi, Voice Acting


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Loved the start of the game. The design and atmosphere drew me in. I however had an issue clicking on one of the buildings, and unable to continue! Not entirely sure if anyone else has experienced that.

I'm on mac and low graphics, and the game is still too laggy for me to effectively do anything!

Really strong way to present a confined story like this! I'd be really interested to see if you make a game that built on this idea in future. Keep up the good work!

This was such a cool point & click adventure game! I've never played a point and click adventure that looked this innovative, plus I loved how there are multiple endings to the story depending on the actions you make. Great work!

Really liked it ! The way story unfolded was great .
Just wanna know are there more than 3 endings?

if you are interested in getting your game translated and adapted into russian then hmu!


Really neat game! Simple story, effective delivery. Love how items affect time and have different uses. Great job here! For minor issues, I found the text block way too small and hard to read. You have a lot of space to play with. The text areas can be larger without compromising the look. 

I'd also tweak the audio. Emilia is hard to hear. She's also quieter than Ganz when the person you're playing should be clearest. I'd bump it up to better match Ganz's level since his sounds the most balanced. 

The music drowns the voices out when it swells too, so maybe pull it back more after it climbs. Beyond that, the game played great. The intro was a little choppy but that's no biggy. Keep up the good work and good luck on future games!

Thank's for the video, Im glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the feedback as well, it's totally spot on and I should definitely try to improve on those matters later on!

the game dont load

sorry to hear that... could you be more specific? Do you see a launching dialog? Can you select a resolution and launch the game and it goes black from there or is it something else? Could you also give me your configuration (OS, CPU, GPU)?

thank you its be perfec and i am a brasilian  sorri my inglysh its so bad

no 32 bits its a kind?

Just uploaded a 32bits build, feel free to test!


I love the look of this!



Good game! Loved it from start to multiple finish!


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Loved the game! The story is thrilling and I wasn't able to save him for 5 minutes which made me STARVE for playing again... But when I tried the second time, the game freezes!

It happens right after the communications and my first action ingame... Tried a few different approachs and mostly the same happens everytime: 1st action pops up, she says something and the game kinda freezes. 

I have gyazoed it so you can see it. I wasn't able to locate the game files to try and erase them, I have deleted the game and extracted again to see what happens, but it's all the same, hope you find a fix soon because I REALLY enjoyed playing!


Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll look into it asap and I'll let you know once it's fixed.

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I've just uploaded a new build.

The problem was not relaunching the game, but the fact that, already knowing the game, you were clicking on Ganz's order and the first building faster than I had anticipated, causing a deadlock situation.

It should be good to go, waiting for your confirmation!

IT WORKED! THank you so much! 


Lovely game ! thank for the experience :)


this was very cool! it kept me very focused in my objective (no trying to spoil things lol). The mechanic of losing and gaining time with each action had me on the edge of my seat as i was not trying to mess up and waste time which i did lol. I do wish there was a bit of a battle type situation or stressful quick decision making type scenario but i did enjoy what you did have. Great job



Thank's a lot for the video, your enthusiasm and energy is super communicative, I had a blast watching you!

Great atmosphere, good voice acting and very unique. Please tell me there will be more? I love it!

loved the game, hope to see more from you :D

Thank's for your kind comment and the let's play!

all good... antime :)

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this was a great experience, I loved it, sadly I wasn't able to play it a third time as it would freeze on the intro, but it may have something to do with my PC, anyways I hope you make more games like this, because it was fun.

Thank's for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! The problem you ran into is not normal though. Can you confirm it freezes even if you quit and launch the game again? That is strange, as the game doesn't store anything on disk and a clean startup should put the game in the exact same state as for the first launch.

Also, even if it's not exactly the same kind of game, you can try Ananke, an adventure game I made some time ago but of which I'm still proud :)

sorry for the late reply, I will definitely check out your other game. also i made a video and the glitch happened, so you could see it, its near the end.


Have you tried redownloading the game, I've uploaded a build one week ago with a fix for this exact problem.

not yet, i'll try it out. 


I killed Trey...

very interesting game! 

The game is great, but it seems really slow on mac (MBP running mojave), even at the lowest resolution / low end graphics. I've played firewatch and the witness with no problems.


I'm having the same issue on Windows with low end graphics. It has too much lag and delay.

(1 edit) (+2)

Can you try the last version I've uploaded and maybe check the new 'Performance' setting (see my reply to kokuma). Thank's!

(2 edits) (+2)

Hey, sorry to hear that... Not looking for any excuse but since the game was made in under 14 days, I have to admit I skipped the optimization part a bit :D The game relies heavily on the GPU and with a good CPU only, I think it'll still lag at some point...

I've uploaded a new version (1.0.5, you can check it by pressing Esc and opening the pause menu) with a slightly better optimization for Mid-end and Low-end quality (having to do with water reflection mostly) and I've added a performance setting which is the lowest I can go (no water reflection, no decals, almost no grass, no background meshes, low fog quality). Tell me if it helps!


It works better! Now it is playable (for me) at 1280x720, mid end. Thank you very much

I really enjoyed playing this game!! Finished it two times and I still believe there is a different ending! Well done!

Thank's a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Might be fun!