A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Marked shall annihilate the Unmarked and rule over the Valley once again. As one of them, your only goal is to kill the Unmarked king. Or is it?

(Un)Marked is a game made for #resistjam about conflict, racism, violence with mechanics mixing AI, agency and emergent behaviours.

The bird people have autonomous AI and are driven by hunger, fear, agressivity, karma, compassion... All that you do has consequences, and most of them are not hard coded so feel free to experiment and see if you can reach the 8 different endings.



WASD: Move

Mouse: Look

LMB: use an item (eat food, hit with club)

RMB: pick up stuff (click), drop it (click), throw it (long click) or give it/place it (click when near somebody (for food) or the altar (for the sacred stone))


Arrows+Z/X (Z=LMB, X=RMB), Del and Pg Down rotate camera


Game Controller (tested with the Xbox One one) (A=LMB, X=RMB, Right stick for camera)


Design/Code/Art/SFX: RenD (@rend1720/@oddlyshapedpxls)

Music: LeGone (https://www.facebook.com/legonemtl/)


(Un)Marked.zip (31 MB)
(Un)Marked-Mac.zip (65 MB)


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Hi! How long is it? :)

Hey sorry for the late answer, I hadnt seen it.

The game is quite short, because you can reach an ending really fast. But the point is getting to all 8 endings, which can take some time to find out :)