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In the middle of an endless desert, an old professor is giving his last efforts trying to discover what he've sought his whole life: the lost civilization of Mu. A life spent in the hunt of a myth, yet without any conclusive finding to support his theory that the continent is now buried under the sand.

His funding has been cut and the camp site is now to be turned into a mining complex. As a sentient machine sent to prospect the surroundings for geological opportunities, will you try to empathize with him, will try to help him unveil what may lie beneath the sand, or will you just limit yourself to what you've been sent for?

You may well be the help Dr. Willis had been expecting all this time...

Game created for #AdvJam2016 by RenD ( @rend1720) in 2 weeks
Audio required, better played with headphones.


Mouse: Look
WASD: Move
Shift+WASD: Move faster
Space: Jump (when available)
LMB: Interact
RMB: Launch scan pulse (when available)
Esc: Pause, Consult diary pages (when outside dialogues)

(Numpad +/Numpad - : Speed up/down time, may cause bugs, use at your own risk)
(H : Hide/Unhide GUI if you want to take screenshot)


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wtows_mac_32bits.zip 30 MB
wtows_mac_64bits.zip 31 MB


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How do I download

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Sorry for that, I hadn't seen that the files were hidden.

It should be good now!